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Apollo Push-to-talk Set-up Video



User guides

Click here for the AddOn Apollo Voices user guide.

Alexa App Set-up Note

During set-up of the Apollo in the Alexa App, depending on which version of the app is being used, certain Android and iOS users may see 'Jumbo AMA' appear during the set-up of the speaker.  Simply click 'OK' / 'Continue' to complete set-up successfully.

Amazon Music Unlimited

With every purchase of the Apollo speaker, get 3 months free trial of Amazon Music Unlimited worth £29.97/$29.97/€29.97.  Offer commences January 7th 2020.

Now Up until 6th January

4 months of Amazon Music Unlimited For Only £0.99.  Visit for more details. Offer applies to new users only.  Terms and conditions apply.



- Remember to charge your speaker regularly

- Check your smartphone (or other such device) is connected via Bluetooth and that your Alexa App is open on your device

- Please remember that the range of the Bluetooth connection is 10-15m

- Occasionally the Amazon Alexa App may appear to 'freeze' on certain screens; in this case simply close the app and re-open

- Whilst out and about, you can connect to the internet for us with Alexa via WiFi zones or using your mobile data (4G min required)

- Double check any battery optimisation applications are not conflicting with usage of the Alexa app or speaker connection